Lenten Facebook Challenge: The Home Stretch

Well, I am 6 1/2 hours away from being able to get onto facebook. This would be awesome, but I work third shift now, so I cant enjoy this until tomorrow morning. But I think we can all agree that I no longer have to write about this stupid subject that I ran out of good things to say avter the first video. Oh well, life’s a bitch. While I wallow in that fact, enjoy this video:

Here is the url to the shirt:


Oh, and has any one else noticed how each video I upload has higher production value than the last? Both editing and special effects in this one?!?! Damn at this rate, my third one from now should end up on Comedy Central.


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  1. […] Yeah! Don’t be such a fiery bitch, Della! Della- How the hell are you even talking? Did Minigan plan out insults for me in advance? Or did you gain sentience just like everything else that bastard touches. T-shirt- The second one. […]

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