Obituary of Sadie Moser

Sadie Moser was born on April 1, 1994 in Humber Pennsylvania and passed on Friday, June 10, 2011 at 12:55 PM. She was a two time divorcee: Once to a teddy bear and once to a neighborhood dog. She was the loyal pet and failed watchdog of the Moser family. She spent her years working happily at keeping the yard free of unwanted critters. She was preceded in death by the four Parakeets, Jack, Johnny, Sky, and Lime,  Toonses the cat, the unnamed duckling, Miguel the rabbit, 2 mice, several hamsters and frogs, and at least 2 dozen gerbils. She was survived by Randy, Susan,  Justin, Becky, Doug, and Amy Moser, as well as her cousins Zero, Leela, Carlos, and Jamie . She also survived by the neighbors of  Susan, Doug, and Amy Moser, who would routinely brought Sadie back to the Moser house whenever she would wander away. Sadie will be cremated and her remains will stay with the family, attending the normal family events like Christmas and Thanksgiving until someone (probably Doug) accidentally knocks over the urn and they have vacuum her up. The Moser family would like for Sadie to know that she was the perfect dog for them, that she’ll be dearly missed, and that the Moser household will never feel or smell the same again.



  1. beautifully written, Doug. ./hugs

  2. Sadie will be missed by her aunta and uncles too. She always met us at the door with a friendly bark and wag of her tail. My deepest sympathy. It’s hard to lose a pet that’s been a loving companion for many years.

  3. Sadie was a member of our family. While we have and will have pets that we love, none can replace her. I’ll never forget the day she came home with us. She picked us to be her family. She had a good life and was loved by us all.

  4. This is really nice. I just happened upon this today. I am sure you miss your Sadie. She sounds like she was a lucky girl to live with such a fun and loving family.

    Sadie Petunia

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