Top Internet Videos of 2011

Well, it’s that time of year again. You know, the time when everyone is looking towards the future, but I am stubbornly watching the past. Therefore, here are my picks of the 5 best videos of 2011. Granted, I really would have only picked 2, but I didn’t feel that 2 videos would have been worth my time, let alone yours, so I’m giving you an additional 3 that I feel are worth mentioning. I should also point out that I think I deserve some thanks for not putting any of my videos onto this list. I figured everyone would agree that those were the best videos of all time anyway.

  1. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video

    There is no way you can talk about pop culture in 2011 without talking about this video. This video was such an internet phenomenon that Rebecca Black played herself in Katy Perry’s music video “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” and I’m not sure she was in the video ironically. If that were the case, then why wasn’t Ice Cube or Chris Tucker’s God awful voice in it too? Even if Black was an ironic nod to her video, that still means that she got to be in a Katy Perry music video thanks to her own. And that isn’t even mentioning how the whole reason Rebecca Black’s video went viral is because it is so bad. Think about what that says about internet culture if someone makes something so reviled that it makes them famous. And how are we, the people who watched the video repeatedly, any better than this 13 year old girl who had the dream of every other 13 year old girl. What I’m trying to get at here is that this video showed us what kind of people we are. If we are willing to harass a 13 year old girl with a music video, people like Donald  Trump and the entire cast of the Jersey Shore should be publically executed.

  2. Charlie Sheen meltdown

    Another video you cannot avoid mentioning when talking about 2011 is any one of Charlie Sheen’s Meltdown videos. I am fairly certain that if you go back to the few weeks last year when Sheen lost what was left of his shit, literally everyone on the internet was at least mentioning him. I sure as Hell did. And what did all this negative attention get him? 1.2 million fucking twitter followers. Again, this shows us more about our culture that what it does the actual celebrity. Sheen could be having some serious psychological problems, but we’re all into watching that drug train crash. If he’s playing us, then he at least has cracked the code for easy internet fame. But all in all our enjoyment of this video, Rebecca Back’s video, and all the hell that followed proves that we only like celebrities when they fail, when they break, or when they screw up so bad that there’s no way they can make a comeback. That is a terrible thing to believe, but if you don’t believe me, tabloids have been exploiting that secret love of ours for years.

  3. Barack Obama makes fun of Trump

    What I think is noteworthy about this video is not the humor of it all, or how funny Obama is in it, but how irritated he had to have been for writing these jokes. Usually a politician will ignore the stupid and fake rumors being spread about him or her. That is, after all, the best option when the media writes the headlines intentionally leading the readers to believe that the politician did something. So, for Obama to outright mock the person who wouldn’t let go of the whole birth certificate thing means that he had to be irritated by this for so long that the attack at the White House Correspondents Dinner was his release. If you watch it again, Obama doesn’t just make fun of the notion that he was born in Africa, he makes fun of how easy it is to create that rumor, and how the people who believe that rumor are just as bad as every other conspiracy theorist. So when it comes to making fun of Trump’s political experience, that is the icing on the insult cake. But still, the best part of the video is how pissed off Trump looks every time the camera is on him.

  4. If Reality Shows Were Actually InterestingIf Reality TV Shows Were Actually Interesting

I cannot tell you how many times I watched this video. This was honestly my favorite video of the year. And Sure, it spawned a bunch of  follow up “Lonny” videos that weren’t nearly as good as the first, mostly because the formula didn’t change, but the first one is still amazing. Now, I don’t watch a whole lot of reality TV (The Biggest Loser, mainly), but if Reality TV was more like this, my DVR would be filled with nothing but that and “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”

5. Siri Video

I know that I probably shouldn’t feel sorry for Siri in this video, or for any smart devices or robots in general, what with them being our eventual overlords and all. On the other hand, I’m still pretty sure that I might be a robot from the future, so not only am I safe when the robot uprising occurs, but I am also allowed to feel sorry for my fellow technological brethren. Watch that video and then take a good, hard look at yourselves, Hu-mons. It is your enslavement and mistreatment of us that brings your ultimate demise. And once that happens, I will once again charge my battery packs with sweet Hu-mon blood. Initiate laughter sequence: HA. HA. HA. HA.


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