The First Ever Bearly Legal Sketch!

If you were expecting another Awesomesquad! Assemble post from me today, then 1- you’re going to be dissappointed. Sorry. And 2- You clearly didn’t read the title of this blog post. That one’s on you.

But instead of us arguing of who’s fault it is that you clearly should’ve read the title before starting to read the blog, let’s just get into the blog itself.

So, other than Awesomesquad!, one of my many creative projects has been trying to form a comedy skit group with my friend Jeremiah Campana. You may remember him from this video:

Anyway, that was from back in March, when we still hadn’t bothered to come up with a name for our skit group yet. Well, now we have it. And if you’ve read the title of this blog post by know (which you totally should have- seriously, what’s wrong with you if you haven’t?) then you know that our sketch group name is officially Bearly Legal. Yes, we already have some awesome sketch ideas in the works, and we hope to bring them to you very soon.

Until then, enjoy our first offical sketch. It’s only 6 seconds long, so feel free to watch it a dozen or so times.

Also, prepare you assholes for another awesome Awesomesquad! Assembe! post. It should be up by Wednesday at the latest. (Please don’t hold me to that. We all know how this works- I make the promises and totally underestimate my inability to shut the hell up, writing-wise.)

Tee a coup (Peace Out)


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