What Life Would Be Like If I Had Super Powers (Aka Terrifying)- Part 4

Well, folks, the time has come. You have been there with me for that past three videos in which I’ve explained what I would do with the super powers that people from Facebook and Twitter. The first one was epic. The second one was awesome, but not as good as the first. The third was the one where I should have ended. But this one, this one will be the one that totally over does it and completely ruins the franchise. Just as a heads up: this one is by far the longest. But in typical me fashion, it’s the longest because it is chalk full of dick jokes. You’ve been warned.

I’ll write something for next week. Fo Realz.



What Life Would Be Like if I Had Superpowers (Aka Terrifying)- Part 3

Happy September 11 everybody! Ugh. That was in bad taste. I’m sorry about that. Let’s just get past that awkwardness and watch my latest video about what it would be like if I had superpowers. Just think- if God would have given me these superpowers 11 years ago, I would have been able to prevent the attacks. That one’s on you, God.
Ugh. I did again. Sorry everybody. Here’s the video.

Ok. I’m done. Peace.

What Life Would Be Like if I Had Superpowers (Aka Terrifying)- Part 2

Well, I was actually planning on writing something this week, but I decided that it made more sense to post another video.  By which I mean I was too lazy to write anything this week. Deal with it. Also, here’s the video. It’s a little bit shorter than the last one, AND had four different superpowers in it. Yeah I’m that good.


Before we go, I think you should check out my friend Michelle’s blog. She’s a good writer, and an even bettern one since she plugged my blog recently. Go there.

Alright. I’m done.

Mashed Peace

What Life Would Be Like if I Had Super Powers (Aka Terrifying)- Part 1

Funny story: The sentence I use most not pertaining to my dick is, “Sorry this is so long.” And I usually use that sentence here on my blog. Today will be no exception. Here is my eight and a half minute rant about what it would be like if I had super powers. Enjoy

As I pointed out in the video, I will be doing more videos on this subject since I had so many good responses. Hopefully those videos will be shorter.


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